Jonathan Bishop brings with him extensive capital markets and multifamily experience.

Bloomington, MN – Prolific Twin Cities multifamily and commercial real estate developer Kelly Doran today announced Jonathan Bishop will serve as Chief Financial Officer for Doran Properties Group, a multigenerational development company Doran launched with his son, Evan Doran, earlier this month. Bishop has extensive capital markets and multifamily experience, having worked in the commercial real estate and banking industry for nearly two decades including most recently at Wells Fargo Bank and IRET (now CenterSpace).

“With more than 160 employees responsible for developing, leasing, building and managing Doran Properties Group’s extensive multifamily and commercial developments in the Twin Cities and Colorado, we will benefit tremendously from Jonathan’s expertise and his relationships in the industry,” said Doran. “We are fortunate as an organization to have maintained a strong financial position despite the pandemic and other challenges over the past year. Jonathan will play a key role in helping to preserve the underlying strength of our business and ensuring our continued growth.”

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The move coincides with Doran’s final sale of all remaining ownership interest in Doran Companies, the company he founded nearly 15 years ago.

Bloomington, MN – Kelly Doran, longtime developer of commercial real estate in the Twin Cities, announced today he has sold all remaining ownership interest in Doran Companies and is launching his new venture, The Doran Group, with more than 160 employees and its entire real estate portfolio under its direct management.

“I’m excited to announce the launch of The Doran Group, a multi-generational development company I am starting with my son Evan Doran and a talented team of high-caliber leaders, many of whom I have worked with for years,” said Doran. “When I first sold majority-interest in Doran Companies two years ago, it was to get back to what I love most – which is developing, designing, building and managing a real estate portfolio under the exclusive control of our new company.”

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